Monat: Dezember 2018

Thailand: Own Wallet for Crypto Police in Planning

The anti-money laundering authority in Thailand is currently working on launching a new wallet. The government wants to have its own digital wallet to safely store Bitcoin and other crypto currencies associated with crimes. The Thai crypto police are back on the news spy Compared to other cryptopolice areas, the police area is relatively well […]

New Coins on the Block – XTRABYTES (XBY)

XTRABYTES is a crypto currency that uses a new consensus mechanism to create a decentralized, scalable network. In addition, it should be able to resist attacks from quantum computers by using SHA-512 encryption. However, the past of the project leaves some critical questions unanswered. As written some time ago, in the New-Coins-on-the-Block series we would […]

University of Qatar: Bitcoin’s environmental impact calls for government intervention

Discussions about the environmental impact and sustainability of Bitcoin have been going on for a long time. A scientific article by the University of Qatar has now come to the conclusion that government intervention will be necessary in the future due to high energy consumption. Thus appropriate taxes could lower its demand. In addition, incentives […]