What Is Crypto Wealth?

Cryptowealth is an entirely automated cryptocurrency trading system specially developed to help novice and experienced traders to maximize your trading experiences. Since Cryptowealth utilizes the latest technologies and innovations in trading for trading that have been proved to be a highly profitable tool for trading.

Crypto Wealth

The primary goal of Cryptowealth is making trading as simple and efficient as it can be. In order to achieve the goal, Cryptowealth has been designed for the sole goal of managing your trading on your behalf. With its easy-to-use interface, Cryptowealth is ideal for both beginner traders as well as experienced traders that do not want to sit for hours every day trading.

Cryptowealth utilizes sophisticated mathematical algorithms to study the market for crypto and collect information that it utilizes to make educated rational, rational decisions for the trader. Crypto Wealth utilizes this technology to make trades and create an income for the user. In this Cryptowealth review will give you all the information you require to make an educated decision in choosing a trading software.

Is Cryptowealth Legit?

With the technology available to you it is possible to be faced with an array of options to locate a suitable trading instrument. The variety of trading platforms are overwhelming and it is even more difficult to decide which one you will place your trust in to trade on your behalf. We are able to confirm the fact that Cryptowealth is a secure and legitimate platform for trading.

It’s not surprising that, with the numerous scams that are out there it’s difficult to determine who you can believe in and who’s an enigma. With Cryptowealth, you can rest assured you’re dealing with a genuine trading platform. Cryptowealth has collaborated with CySEC licensed brokers to assist you in you manage your accounts and assist you navigate trading on the highly volatile cryptocurrency market. Your security is a major goal for Cryptowealth. this reason, all of your personal data is secured with the SSL certificate.

For those who are new to trading, it can be a bit difficult, especially when trading is done for you. It is normal to have a lot of questions , or concerns. that’s why Cryptowealth offers a 24 hour customer service center to make sure that your concerns are addressed in all times, and that you’re never left in the in the dark. Furthermore you can find a lot of online reviews of Cryptowealth customers who have been pleased about Cryptowealth and the earnings it has generated for them.

How Does Cryptowealth Work?

As previously mentioned, Cryptowealth monitors the crypto market for market data, then collects this information, and utilizes it to make informed, calculated decisions for you. Once you’ve finished with your demo account and transferred to live trading the algorithm will start trading on your behalf. In order to begin this process, you’ll need to sign up for a no-cost account. To register an account with Cryptowealth follow the link below.

Type: AI Trading Software
Profit Close Rate: 85%+
Registration: Free (With Verification)
Verification: Under 10 Minutes
Initial Deposit: EUR 250
Regulatory Body: CySEC (Liquidity)
Withdrawal Time: 24 Hours
Automated Trading: Yes
Order Execution Time: less than 1 ms
User Data Encryption: Yes (AES 256-bit)

Making The Most Of Cryptowealth

If you use it correctly, Cryptowealth can make your life much simpler in terms of trading. Here’s some suggestions to maximize your experience with Cryptowealth.

Utilise Your Account Broker

Cryptowealth has joined forces with CySEC-licensed brokerages to make sure you receive the highest quality service on your account. The knowledge of your broker can help you establish and maintain your account at Cryptowealth to provide you with the best possible trading experience.

Invest The Minimum At First

An initial minimum of 250 EUR amount of deposit needed for trades with Cryptowealth. The initial deposit will be your capital, and be used to fund your first trades using Cryptowealth.

Withdraw Your Profits Regularly

It is beneficial to remember that the money you earn through Cryptowealth must be taken out on a regular basis. Profits can be transferred to an account at your banks or transferred to a different digital wallet that you prefer.

Spend 20 Minutes On Your Account Daily

It’s pretty low-maintenance It is best when you take 2 hours or more per day using your account to track the activity of your account and stay informed of what’s going on within your account.

Invest Responsibly

When you trade using Cryptowealth It you are responsible to be responsible in your trading and only invest money you have available, and it is not advisable to invest funds that you depend on because of the unpredictability nature of the cryptocurrency market.

Keep Track Of Your Transactions

Statements of account are available to download directly via the Cryptowealth account. When you begin to earn profits and you begin to earn them, you may be required to pay taxes on those earnings, and to do this you’ll require these records, therefore it is essential to regularly download your transactions.

Why Cryptowealth Is A Good Option

There are many trading bots available to assist you in trading and make money, so here are some of the essential features that make the Cryptowealth bot an ideal choice for your first venture into trading.

User-friendly Interface

Cryptowealth was designed to make your life simpler, and so it was created with the goal of being as user-friendly and easy to use as it is.

Place Trades Simultaneously

Since Cryptowealth is a broker on behalf of you, many trades can occur simultaneously due to the advanced algorithm and the use of AI.

Elimination Of Human Error

Since Cryptowealth is entirely computerized, the possibility of human error in trading is eliminated, making it safe to trade with no emotion or impulse.

No Licensing Cost

Cryptowealth doesn’t charge licensing fees. The only fee you have to pay is the 250 Euro registration fee , which serves as the capital for the first time you trade.

High Profitability

Because Cryptowealth examines markets and make choices on your behalf, you’re earnings could be substantial without needing to be a professional in order to trade efficiently.

Trade Multiple Cryptocurrencies

Cryptowealth can trade with a greater variety of cryptos, from the most well-known such as Bitcoin to various more exotic cryptocurrency.

SSL Certified

To promote transparency, we have joined forces with CySEC-licensed broker to ensure that your transactions are legal and follows the rules to avoid legal problems.

Speedy Withdrawals

After you have completed the withdrawal form, withdrawals are able to be made within a time of 24 hours to ensure your convenience.

Customer Care Department

A 24-hour customer service department is on hand to ensure that you’re never alone while using Cryptowealth.

Register With Cryptowealth

The process of registering an account at Cryptowealth is simple and quick and shouldn’t take more than twenty minutes. Here is a step-by-step tutorial to create an account.

1. Registration Form

The first step is to fill out an application form that includes the basic details. It’s important to provide the correct information since there is an authentication process that is in place to ensure your security.

2. Make Your First Deposit

The next step is to make the minimum deposit of 250 euros to start your account and get it up and up and running. Keep in mind that the deposit you make will function as your capital, and will be used to execute your first trades using Cryptowealth.

3. Demo or Live Trade

You will receive an account with a demo to help you understand the basics of trading and understand how Cryptowealth operates. When you are at ease and confident you can proceed to live trading on Cryptowealth and begin to earn gains.

Cryptowealth Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Best For Beginner Traders Does Not Completely Limit Risk
Licensed CySec Brokers Requires Quick Phone Call To Verify Account
Account 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication)
Supports Altcoins & Exotic Crypto Pairs
Full User Risk Control Tools
No Withdrawal Fees


After taking everything previously mentioned factors into consideration It has been proven that Cryptowealth is equipped with all the necessary features necessary to make a user’s experience excellent. Cryptowealth offers new opportunities for those who are looking to earn cash from the market for cryptocurrency.

Anyone who is looking to venture into the cryptocurrency market will benefit from Cryptowealth. You can get your license right away by creating an account and then signing an investment commitment. We suggest that you take all the benefits of the market using Cryptowealth. Sign up below to begin with Cryptowealth.

Cryptowealth Common Questions

What is Cryptowealth & How Does It Work?

Cryptowealth can be described as an automatic tool for trading that lets you trade on the cryptocurrency market. With advanced algorithms developed by Artificial Intelligence it lets you concentrate on other aspects of your lives while taking care of everything you need to trade. The software strictly follows the established strategy, with no further input or modification required. It is all you need to do is login and monitor its performance regularly to determine the effectiveness of your strategy considering the current market conditions.

How Much Profit Can I Make With Cryptowealth?

It’s contingent on the amount of capital you have and your leverage however, if you’re successful most of the time and you’re able to make at minimum EUR 85 is your target. If, for instance, you have the fixed-size leveraged trading account that is worth EUR 2000 you can expect to earn approximately EUR 1800. However, since Cryptowealth is successful approximately 90% times of its time (i.e. the success rate of trades rate) it is impossible to predict the amount of money it’ll achieve over the time period. It will be based on the accrued profits that are higher in comparison to or greater than user’s weighted mean entry price (CAP).

Cryptowealth App – Is One Available?

There is no Cryptowealth application that is accessible. However, Cryptowealth can be accessed through the internet from any device with a browser.

Where Is Cryptowealth Available?

Cryptowealth is practically everywhere! It includes United Kingdom (UK), Australia (AUS) as well as Canada (CA) in addition to Canada, as along with Europe (Austria (AT) and Germany (DE) or Switzerland (CH) and Holland (NL) or Poland (PL) and Belgium (BE) and Spain (ES), South and Central America (BR, PE, MX) and Africa (ZA). If your country isn’t mentioned above, you can nevertheless sign up on this page to sign up for Cryptowealth.

Does Elon Musk Or Any Corporations (Like Telsa) Use Cryptowealth?

Elon Musk is quite visible with his endorsement of cryptocurrency. The Musk’s tweets have been about the cryptocurrency, and companies such as Tesla are beginning to trade cryptocurrency, in addition to acting as an alternative source of wealth like the alternatives initially provided by stocks or gold. The evidence doesn’t support the idea that they use Cryptowealth, however.

Do Any Celebrities Endorse Cryptowealth?

Bill Gates, Richard Branson and other famous people on television do not discuss any relationship with cryptocurrency. They might use cryptos as a method of wealth accumulation, but not as a method of.

Bitcoin Up bietet eine Web-Handelsplattform

Bitcoin Up UK Plattform Überprüfung
Bitcoin Up bietet sowohl eine Web-Handelsplattform als auch eine mobile App an. Beide Optionen sind ziemlich minimalistisch und spiegeln das Niedrigkostenmodell wider, das sie aufgebaut haben, um junge Investoren anzuziehen, die nach kostenlosen Trades suchen.

Bitcoin Up  Web-Handelsplattform

Wir fanden die Web-Handelsplattform von Bitcoin Up übersichtlich und einfach zu bedienen, mit einer vernünftigen Schnittstelle, die ein nahtloses Erlebnis bietet. Es gibt keine Optionen zur Anpassung, was aber auch nicht nötig schien, da die Oberfläche bereits so logisch aufgebaut ist.

Die Bitcoin Up-Schnittstelle ist zwar einfach in der Ausführung, bietet aber genügend Funktionalität für Händler, die wissen, was sie tun, um schnell und schmerzlos einen Handel mit der Option der Verwendung von Marktaufträgen, Limit-Aufträgen und Stop-Aufträgen, Stop-Limit und Trailing-Stop auszuführen.

Bitcoin Up UK Aktienhandel Testbericht

Es gibt auch eine praktische kleine Ergänzung namens Sammlungen, die es den Nutzern ermöglicht, nach Aktienoptionen nach Sektor oder Kategorie zu suchen, wie z. B. Social-Media-Unternehmen oder Tech-Unternehmen. Diese Sammlungen können dann sortiert und Seite an Seite verglichen werden, was wir als eine praktische Funktion empfunden haben. Über easy-to-read.eu haben Sie außerdem Zugriff auf Portfoliowerte, Beobachtungslisten, Kontoauszüge und Transaktionshistorie.

Wir müssen auch die breite Palette an Alarmen und Benachrichtigungen loben, die auf der Bitcoin Up-Web-Trading-Plattform verfügbar sind. Dazu gehören:

Darüber hinaus gibt es einen praktischen kleinen Portfolio- und Gebührenbericht, der Ihnen interessante Informationen über Ihr Bitcoin Up-Aktienportfolio liefert, wie z. B. die durchschnittlichen Kosten und Renditen sowie ein Tortendiagramm, das die Vielfalt Ihres Portfolios veranschaulicht.

Bitcoin Up Mobile Trading App

Es besteht kaum ein Zweifel daran, dass die wahre Stärke von Bitcoin Up in seiner mobilen App liegt, die wir für eines der besten Angebote auf dem Markt halten. Angesichts der Zielgruppe musste dieser Teil des Dienstes natürlich perfekt sein, und Bitcoin Up hat es geschafft, eine schnelle, einfache und leicht zu bedienende App zu entwickeln. Ein großer Teil der Funktionalität der App entspricht der Web-Handelsplattform, mit dem Zusatz von netten kleinen Features wie biometrischer Authentifizierung und einer großartigen Suchfunktion.

Bewertung von Research-Service und Tools
Der Umfang des Research und der Tools, die bei Bitcoin Up zur Verfügung stehen, hängt davon ab, ob Sie Ihr Konto auf Bitcoin Up Gold hochgestuft haben, wofür Bitcoin Up eine monatliche Gebühr verlangt. Für die Zwecke dieses Bitcoin Up Testberichts haben wir uns angeschaut, was auf dem Bitcoin Up Standardkonto verfügbar ist.

Einer der Höhepunkte im Research-Angebot von Bitcoin Up war der Bitcoin Up Snacks News Blog. Dieser besteht aus mundgerechten Zusammenfassungen des Marktes jeden Tag und ist gut geschrieben, informativ und leicht zu verstehen. Es lohnt sich auf jeden Fall, diesen Blog zu abonnieren.

Eine der Funktionen, die uns bei Bitcoin Up gefallen haben, war die Möglichkeit, Analystenbewertungen von Produkten durch Experten einzusehen. Dies kann Ihnen helfen, bessere Entscheidungen zu treffen, wenn Sie unschlüssig sind, und Sie können auch ähnliche Produkte wie das, an dem Sie interessiert sind, ansehen.

Ether climbs almost to 1,750 US dollars

Ether climbs almost to 1,750 US dollars, but transaction fees dangerously high

The Ether price hits the next record high, but transaction fees are also soaring to record highs, dampening sentiment.

Market-leading altcoin Ether (ETH) extended its new record high on 5 February, climbing even closer to the psychologically important US$2,000 mark.

Ether record run already almost at US$1,750

As data from Cointelegraph Markets and TradingView shows, the ETH/USD currency pair made its next strong bounce today (Friday).

At press time, the Ether price is targeting the US$1,750 mark with a gain of 6.5%, bringing the total weekly gain to almost 22%.

The fresh upswing is partly due to increased interest in Decentralised Financial Services (DeFi), as many projects from Italian Formlua this division are based on the Ethereum blockchain. Many DeFi cryptocurrencies are among the clear winners this week.

Ether, meanwhile, also has its own reason to rejoice, as ether futures are now being traded on the CME Group’s major options exchange. The influential crypto asset management firm Grayscale also stepped up purchases of ETH for its own Ether investment fund again this week, after taking a break for a fortnight.

Transaction fees dangerously high

However, while some prominent industry figures such as Gemini co-founder Tyler Winklevoss are celebrating the record run of the second largest cryptocurrency, the Ethereum blockchain’s transaction fees are also soaring to record highs.

This is less encouraging, however, because as Cointelegraph reported this week, some crypto exchanges have had to temporarily suspend trading ETH as a result.

„This is a real crisis. We can go ahead and grab our popcorn because it will be exciting to see how Ethereum manoeuvres its way out of this mess,“ as one Blockstream developer assessed.

According to data from Ycharts, average ETH transaction fees were $23.27 as of yesterday, 4 February.

Bitcoin (BTC), meanwhile, remains below the US$40,000 mark, with mixed fortunes as while the stock market hit a record high of its own today with the S&P 500, the US dollar index has fallen, which in turn should play into Bitcoin’s favour.

„Correlation does not mean there is necessarily an effect relationship, but the trend is clear: #Bitcoin’s record run (and temporary downturns) show a strong correlation to movements in the US dollar index (DXY),“ as crypto analysts at Kaiko explain.

Binance diskutiert über beschleunigten BNB-Brand

Binance diskutiert über beschleunigten BNB-Brand

  • Binance diskutiert über ein beschleunigtes Verbrennungsprogramm.
  • Dies könnte ein Schema sein, um BNB in die Top 5 der Kryptowährungen zu katapultieren.
  • Der Schritt kommt nur nach einem $68 Millionen Binance Coin brennen.

Das Trust Project ist ein internationales Konsortium von Nachrichtenorganisationen, die Standards für Transparenz aufbauen.

Binance CEO CZ twitterte, dass das Unternehmen eine beschleunigte Verbrennung in Betracht zieht. Ein solches Programm würde den Binance-Token (BNB) laut Bitcoin Era noch knapper machen als bisher. Es ist derzeit der #9 Token nach Marktkapitalisierung.

Am 20. Dezember 2020 gab CZ vom Börsenriesen Binance bekannt, dass das Unternehmen erwägt, eine beschleunigte Verbrennung von BNB-Münzen durchzuführen. Dieser Schritt wird wahrscheinlich den Wert jedes BNB erhöhen, während die Marktkapitalisierung beibehalten wird.

Und wie ElijahBoom auf Twitter antwortete, könnte dies ein Schachzug sein, um BNB von seinem Platz auf #9 nach oben zu schieben. Nach allem, mit einem prognostizierten Anstieg der Token-Preis, eine Menge Kaufkraft könnte in den Markt und weiter erhöhen die BNB market cap.

Burn baby burn

Am 17. Oktober 2020 kündigte Binance einen großen Token-Burn an. Dieser, der 13. derartige Burn, vernichtete über 2 Millionen BNB-Token, was einem Gegenwert von etwa 68 Millionen Dollar entspricht. Zu dieser Zeit war dies der größte Burn in Bezug auf den Fiat-Wert.

$68,000,000 USD Wert von #BNB aus dem Verkehr gezogen für immer.

Wenn Sie nicht verstehen: Burn, Buyback, Airdrop, QE und Stimulus, dann haben Sie einen erheblichen Nachteil, um finanzielle Freiheit zu erreichen. Lernen Sie es besser.https://t.co/3sNQRpycA3
– CZ Binance (@cz_binance) October 17, 2020

In den letzten Monaten, BNB hat gekämpft, um über Wasser zu bleiben in der Nähe seiner all-time-highs. Mit dem Aufstieg von DeFi und anderen Seitenketten, die mit Binance Chain konkurrieren, muss das Unternehmen die Dinge interessant halten, um ein (wenn nicht der) Marktführer zu bleiben. Dies könnte ein Schritt sein, um die Aufmerksamkeit auf den Utility-Token zu halten.

Zum Zeitpunkt des Schreibens, der Preis von Binance Coin ist bis etwa $4 über einen 24-Stunden-Zeitraum. Wenn dieser Tweet dazu gedacht war, den Preis von BNB zu erhöhen, dann hat es funktioniert.

Regelmäßige Regulierung

In den letzten Wochen hat sich Binance auf die Regulierung auf der ganzen Welt vorbereitet. Das Unternehmen kündigte öffentlich an, dass sie ihre Dienste auf vollständige Übereinstimmung mit den Vorschriften in Frankreich überprüfen würden.

Ebenso ist Binance seit 2019 gegen US-Konten vorgegangen, die auf die Hauptseite Binance.com (und nicht auf die regulierte Seite Binance.us) zugegriffen haben. Dies wurde als ein Schritt gesehen, um Binance universell zu regulieren.

Auch in einer Art und Weise, um an die Regulierungsbehörden zu appellieren, trat Binance kürzlich der Blockchain for Europe Association bei. Diese Gruppe zielt darauf ab, Krypto-Unternehmen zu helfen, mit europäischen Finanzinstitutionen zusammenzuarbeiten.

Unsere starke Mitgliedschaft wird sich dafür einsetzen, dass das Blockchain-Ökosystem die zukunftssichere EU-Regulierung erhält, die es braucht, um innovativ zu sein. pic.twitter.com/LaIpil0t1U
– Blockchain for Europe (@BlockchainforEU) September 3, 2020

Abgesehen davon, dass es rechtlichen Problemen ausweicht, könnte dies einige Möglichkeiten für das Unternehmen schaffen. Während Binance rund 1 Milliarde Dollar wert ist, könnte es größer werden. Kürzlich hat Coinbase seinen Börsengang beantragt und wurde auf einen Wert von fast 28 Milliarden Dollar geschätzt. Vielleicht ist das Zufriedenstellen der Regulierungsbehörden (wie es Coinbase vor seinen IPO-Papieren getan hat) ein Schritt auf dem Weg zum Börsengang. Das könnte ein Multi-Milliarden-Dollar-Venture sein.

US-Behörden beschlagnahmen 6,5 Millionen Dollar in Krypto

Bananenfonds: US-Behörden beschlagnahmen 6,5 Millionen Dollar in Krypto aus angeblichem Ponzi-System

Das Justizministerium der Vereinigten Staaten (DOJ) hat 6,5 Millionen Dollar an Kryptowährungen vom Betreiber des Bananenfonds beschlagnahmt.

Der nicht namentlich genannte Verwalter soll ein Komplott geschmiedet und durchgeführt haben, um Investoren laut Bitcoin Profit mittels „zwischenstaatlicher Drähte“ zu betrügen. Das Projekt wurde vom US-Geheimdienst untersucht, der eine Verwirkungsklage gegen den Betreiber einreichte.


Auf der Website des Projekts wurde es als eine Plattform zur Finanzierung von Crowdfunding vorgestellt, die den ersten 10.000 Nutzern eine Beteiligung an der Plattform ermöglichen sollte. Laut dem Weißbuch sollte im Januar 2017 ein Token-Marktplatz eingerichtet werden, der jedoch nie gestartet wurde.

Der Fonds sollte für Investitionen in Projekte verwendet werden, um Einnahmen für die Investoren zu generieren. Der Betreiber bewegte die Mittel jedoch ein Jahr lang nicht, woraufhin er ankündigte, dass die Investoren begrenzte Rückerstattungen erhalten werden.

Die Vermögenswerte, die die Nutzer erhielten, lagen weit unter der Gesamtsumme, die der Betreiber hielt. Die Investoren waren einfach dadurch reicher geworden, dass sie ihre Bitcoin behalten hatten, deren Wert in der Zeit des Ponzi-Systems stieg.

Die Rückerstattung

Anfang 2018 begann die Website des Bananenfonds die Leute auf ein Dokument umzuleiten, in dem es hieß, dass der Fonds gescheitert sei und dem Eigentümer nur noch 1,73 Millionen Dollar zur Verfügung stünden. Das Projekt begann damit, den Benutzern Rückerstattungen anzubieten, die zwar höher waren als ihre ursprüngliche Investition, ihnen aber aufgrund der Wertsteigerung von Bitcoin immer noch erhebliche Verluste verursachen würden.

Die Gelder wurden jedoch nie an die Investoren zurückgegeben.

Der Betreiber hingegen nutzte die Gelder der Investoren für den Handel und erwirtschaftete Einkommen zum persönlichen Vorteil. Er kaufte und verkaufte mehrere Münzen laut Bitcoin Profit und schaffte es, 11 Millionen Dollar anzusammeln. Irgendwann versuchte er sogar, 100 BTC abzuheben, um ein Haus zu kaufen.

Daraufhin beschlagnahmte der US-Geheimdienst sein Vermögen und „leitete diese Aktion ein, um mit der Rückgabe dieser Gelder an die Opfer des Verwalters zu beginnen“. Darüber hinaus unterliegt der Betreiber der Verwirkung, was bedeutet, dass die Regierung die Vermögenswerte des Bananenfonds behalten wird, da er wissentlich Investoren betrogen hat.

Touros Bitcoin segurando o momento acima de $9000 – Será que vão se recuperar mais alto?

O Bitcoin tornou-se volátil e atualmente reside dentro da faixa de 10.000 a 9.000 dólares de área. Os touros Bitcoin mantêm a dinâmica acima de uma área de suporte de $9000. O BTC irá se recuperar mais alto? O que os gráficos e indicadores técnicos estão dizendo? Leia mais para encontrar mais informações sobre a Análise Técnica BTC/USD de hoje.

9 de julho de 2020 | AtoZ Markets – O Bitcoin está subindo com determinação e ultimamente quebrou acima da área de $9400 em relação ao dólar americano. O gráfico diário da BTC indica que os touros estão provavelmente marcando uma enorme recuperação em direção à área de eventos psicológicos de US$ 10.000.

Bitcoin reside atualmente perto de $9400 de área e enfrenta uma resistência em torno de $9500. Além disso, após rejeitar várias vezes o suporte de $9000 dólares, a BTC conseguiu ter um fechamento diário em alta acima dele. De acordo com o cenário atual, a Bitcoin Code pode enfrentar forte resistência em torno de US$ 9.500 de área nos próximos dias.

Os Touros Bitcoin como Investidores São Otimistas

A BTC está residindo atualmente perto da área de $9400 e está tentando se retrair. Além disso, o preço também está quebrado acima do nível dinâmico de 20 EMA no gráfico diário.

De acordo com o gráfico de 4 horas, a Bitcoin está residindo atualmente perto de $9400 de área após rejeitar a resistência de $9500. De acordo com a ação de preço atual, a BTC pode voltar ao nível dinâmico antes que os touros continuem no processo.

Assim, se o preço puder saltar do nível dinâmico e quebrar acima da área de US$ 9.500 com uma vela de alta impulsiva, os touros poderão se recuperar mais alto em direção à área de US$ 10.000 nos próximos dias. Alternativamente, se o preço rejeitar a área de US$ 9.500 novamente e tiver um fechamento de 4 horas em baixa, os ursos podem recuperar o ímpeto e cair para a área de US$ 9.000 novamente.

Além disso, o nível dinâmico de 20 EMA está residindo atualmente abaixo do preço. Junto com a banda média do Bollinger Bands. O nível dinâmico pode funcionar como um forte apoio para impulsionar o preço para cima. Além disso, a banda média do Bollinger Bands pode funcionar como uma confluência do nível dinâmico.

Tendência de alta do BTC Maio Atinge a alta de fevereiro

De acordo com o gráfico diário, os touros Bitcoin mantêm a dinâmica e residem atualmente perto da área de $9400. De acordo com a ação do preço atual, os touros podem se recuperar mais alto em direção à área de $10.000 nos próximos dias.

Assim, se o preço atingir uma área de US$ 10.000 e quebrar acima dele, os touros poderão manter a tendência de alta em direção à área de US$ 10.500 nos próximos dias. Ao contrário, se o preço rejeitar a área de $10.000 com uma forte vela de baixa fechada, os ursos podem recuperar o impulso e empurrar o preço para baixo em direção ao nível de suporte de $9.000 nos próximos dias.

Junto com isso, o nível dinâmico de 20 EMA está residindo atualmente abaixo do preço, junto com a linha Tenkan. O nível dinâmico pode atuar como um forte apoio para empurrar o preço para cima. A linha Tenkan pode funcionar como uma confluência do nível dinâmico. Além disso, a nuvem Kumo está atualmente residindo abaixo do preço, o que pode manter o preço como suporte.

Para concluir, ainda assim, os touros Bitcoin mantêm a dinâmica acima da área de $9000, o que indica que eles estão otimistas em relação a uma maior recuperação. Um fechamento diário é necessário para encontrar o impulso definitivo nos próximos dias.

Pay tickets with crypto

The government’s partially restrictive measures against crypto currencies have not harmed the crypto economy in Russia. The crypto market also developed off the radar. Now, several more crypto enthusiasts are probably travelling to Russia as guests – after all, the crypto hot spots Japan and South Korea are represented with their teams at the World Cup.

How convenient that there are also possibilities to pay tickets for games with crypto currencies. Although the tickets are not available at the official sales outlets with Bitcoin, Ether and Co., they can be purchased through third-party providers such as the Wirex and Epayments platforms. Wirex issues Visa Debitcards, which allow Bitcoin payments as well as Euro and US dollar payments. Epayments also offers cards that can be filled with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash.

Accommodation and meals in Russia – Bitcoin or Ether are gladly taken

If your team’s match takes place in the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad on the Baltic Sea, fans can also pay their hotel bills with crypto currencies. The hotel group Malina Apartments cooperates with the Russian Crypto-Startup Free-Kassa. Payment in 14 different crypto currencies is possible via the FKWallet.

If you also want to get to know the Russian pub culture without rolling the ruble, you also have an option. In Moscow, St. Petersburg and many other large cities are the Killfish Bars, in which one can pay his beer in Bitcoin. The chain has been offering payments in crypto currencies since 2013 and is thus one of the pioneers of crypto adaptation in Russia.


The World Cup also takes place on the Blockchain

After all, the World Cup also runs on the Blockchain – in the form of a betting game. CryptoCup is a prediction game based on the Ethereum blockchain. Here, crypto and football enthusiasts can make predictions about the games. The players create their own crypto collectables. Individual ERC-721 tokens are used for this – the same standard on which CryptoKitties are based. If the forecasts are stored in the tokens and the tournament begins, the tokens can be traded with each other.

So crypto currencies play their own role in the history of this World Cup. It is not only crypto fans who are curious to see whether crypto currencies can continue to assert themselves as a means of payment during the World Cup.

Tobias SchmidtTobias Schmidt has been an editor in the BTC-ECHO team since August 2017. His area of expertise in the crypto area is the many different applications in politics, economy and society.