Gala Price Soars Over 180% in 30 Days, Eyes $0.10

• Gala price is among the best-performing play-to-earn (P2E) blockchain tokens in 2023, with gains exceeding 180% in 30 days.
• The rally was initially ignited by the partnership between Gala Games and Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) earlier this month, pushing the token above $0.04.
• A daily close above the 200-day Exponential Moving Average (EMA) is required to ensure the continuation of the uptrend, first to $0.07 and then stretch the bullish leg above $0.10.

Recently, the crypto space has seen a surge in attention towards play-to-earn (P2E) blockchain tokens. This is due to the rise of new platforms like Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) and Calvaria (RIA), as gamers search for blockchain games they actually enjoy spending time playing. Among the best-performing P2E tokens is Gala price, which has seen an impressive gain of over 180% in the last 30 days.

The surge in Gala price began earlier this month when the token formed a partnership with Dwayne Johnson (The Rock). This news caused an immediate surge in price as the token jumped above $0.04. Since then, the token has continued to show strength as it has tagged a new 2023 high of $0.0566. At the time of writing, Gala price is trading at $0.0527.

To ensure the continuation of this uptrend, a daily close above the 200-day Exponential Moving Average (EMA) is required. This is currently being held at $0.05236, so a break above this level could push the price to $0.07 and beyond. If the bulls are successful, the next target could be as high as $0.10.

Overall, it remains to be seen if the bullish momentum in the crypto space will continue to lift Gala price. With the right conditions, this token could continue to see further gains.