University of Qatar: Bitcoin’s environmental impact calls for government intervention

Discussions about the environmental impact and sustainability of Bitcoin have been going on for a long time. A scientific article by the University of Qatar has now come to the conclusion that government intervention will be necessary in the future due to high energy consumption. Thus appropriate taxes could lower its demand. In addition, incentives […]

Acceptance of crypto currencies: Do we (still) need a killer app?

Between killer app and skepticism: What it really needs for crypto-acceptance. With articles it is sometimes like with fermentation processes: something must ferment for it to be finished. Whether it’s good, as with wines, Cole-Slaw or Pruno, man’s taste is (s)a kingdom of heaven. Nevertheless – is that Bitcoin loophole enough as an argument? Anyway, […]

Bitmain works on new R4 device for Hobbyminer

The mining hardware manufacturer Bitmain wants to set new standards in Bitcoin Mining. With a new Bitcoin miner, the manufacturer wants to explicitly address hobby miners who use it to feed their computing power into the Bitcoin network. Bitcoin revolution: No longer profitable? Mining is an essential component of the Bitcoin system and onlinebetrug found […]

Pay tickets with crypto

The government’s partially restrictive measures against crypto currencies have not harmed the crypto economy in Russia. The crypto market also developed off the radar. Now, several more crypto enthusiasts are probably travelling to Russia as guests – after all, the crypto hot spots Japan and South Korea are represented with their teams at the World […]