Say Goodbye to Unsustainable Clothing: The Fision Uses Blockchain

• The Fision is using blockchain to create trustful clothing line apparel, such as t-shirts.
• Blockchain technology is used to ensure that the shirts are traceable and transparent from the beginning.
• The company is a B-Corp and uses Good Earth Cotton for its materials which come from sustainable farming methods.

The Fision Uses Blockchain

The Fision is using blockchain to create new apparel, such as t-shirts. The firm creates the shirts and sends them out to potential buyers with blockchain technology being utilized to ensure that all the shirts sent out are fully transparent and traceable from the beginning. CEO Josh Gelder explained that this was done in order to communicate truth about environmental and societal costs of the current industry, while inspiring change within it too.

Earn Your First Bitcoin

Signing up with The Fision comes with many incentives, such as receiving $12 bonus when signing up and referral bonuses up to $3,000 can also be earned by referring other customers. This further incentivizes customers who want to ensure they’re buying from trustful sources for their clothing needs.

Good Earth Cotton

The T-shirts sold by The Fision are made of 80 percent Good Earth cotton, meaning that materials used come from sustainable farming methods that promote soil health. Good Earth Cotton has been labeled an innovative climate positive leader by Gelder due its regenerative farming practices which preserve soil fertility while avoiding environmentally damaging chemicals or pesticides.

The Fision Is A B-Corp

The Fision is a B-Corp, meaning that while it’s a money-making corporation, it has tied itself to a specific social cause and/or environmental issue as a means of allegedly trying to better the world. It hopes that its mission driven values will become an industry norm for future fashion trends across all brands alike.

Blockchain Technology Blockchain technology does not require middlemen or third parties in order confirm information like transactions; it can also be used to ensure traceability of goods and elements sourced from trusted sources without fear of having been stolen or obtained through illicit practices like palm oil production – making sure consumers get products made ethically without compromising quality standards